Join David Cooperrider in an interactive workshop that provides the foundations of Appreciative Inquiry. In this online venue, learn the theory, best practices and next practices of engaging groups and organizations in the AI process. Workshops are designed to support participation entirely via the computer and phone and are delivered over a six-week period. Participants work together through an online learning community and also participate in weekly online meetings led by the workshop facilitators and David Cooperrider.

The next online workshop is planned for the Spring of 2013.

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Venue: Online via your computer and teleconferences

In this foundational online workshop, you will:

  • Gain an understanding of the foundations of Appreciative Inquiry
  • Learn directly from David Cooperrider and explore applications of AI across a wide range of organizations
  • Collaborate with other practitioners, organizational change agents, researchers and students of AI
  • Obtain practical tools and resources for engaging groups and organizations in AI

This six-week workshop is facilitated by experienced practitioners who have been recognized as leaders in AI and online education. Our unique workshop has also been recognized as a leading example of how to create a truly experiential leaning environment that promotes new knowledge, relationships and collaborations (For a case study of the workshop published by the Journal of Online Education click HERE).

The weekly agenda includes:
  • Self-paced viewing of David Cooperrider's narrated online presentations
  • Participation in scheduled online meetings and teleconferences
  • Readings about the theory and practice of AI
  • On-demand access to videos from AI summits around the world
  • Access to materials used in AI projects from various organizations
  • Online discussions with other participants
  • Opportunities for collaborative projects with assigned partners and other workshop participants

In addition to many exciting self-paced activities each week, the workshop also includes seven pre-scheduled, live online meetings. These web-based sessions will be led by workshop facilitators and Lindsey Godwin and Pascal Kaplan.

David Cooperrider participates in six of the seven online meetings where he will provide additional presentations on Appreciative Inquiry and lead Q&A sessions with participants. Participants will be able to access these live sessions either by calling in via phone (long distance charges may apply) or by logging into the workshop website on their computer using a login ID and password provided to them after they register.

What Past Participants Have to Say:
  • After going through this wonderful workshop, I will definitely be able to use the AI process as a useful resource in the change process in my organization.
  • I have so many resources and tools now to use, and I have a broader understanding of AI and all its applications and power.
  • I hoped to learn the nuts and bolts of AI and I certainly learned that. I wanted to 'get to know David first hand' and I feel that I did. His lectures and openness to engage with questions from us live were great in that regard.
  • I liked the technology and the format which allowed virtual participation and learning.
  • The facilitators were models of walking the talk--encouraging and knowledgeable--sharing and putting up new materials as needed.

This online workshop is meant to support, and complement, the regularly scheduled face-to-face opportunities for learning AI at Case Western Reserve University and other similar workshops all over the world (see For those interested in a face-to-face learning program on Appreciative Inquiry with David Cooperrider, click the following link to learn more about the world renowned Appreciative Inquiry Certificate Program on Positive Business and Society Change at Case Western Reserve University's Weatherhead School of Management.

Contact us to learn more about our corporate workshops and how we can customize a foundational AI online workshop for your organization.

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